Hi there! I'm Sheema.

Born and raised in Seattle and with a Bachelor of Design in Interaction Design from the University of Washington, I somehow found myself all the way on the East Coast, working as a user experience designer for LivingSocial in Washington, DC. After having experienced the East Coast for a little over 2.5 years, I have made my way back to the Pacific Northwest where I grew to be a Senior Product Designer at Getty Images.

Through my work within the e-commerce industry, my internship experience with Phillips Healthcare, and varied graphic design experience on and off campus, I’ve been fortunate to work with a great spectrum of users on a multitude of different platforms. In doing so, I've strengthened my design skills and developed an uncanny ability to connect and convey how insights into customer behavior can optimize any product or service. Whether I'm taking meticulous observational data, creating user flows for both merchant and consumer applications, or storyboarding a user's experience, my knowledge and passion are constantly growing. 

When I’m not putting myself into users’ shoes, I’m lacing up my own running shoes and exploring countless mountains and sights in Seattle. I also love cooking and watching my Seahawks win—after all, I’ll always be a Seattle girl at heart. 

Check out my resume here or say hello at sheemant@gmail.com.