LivingSocial: Deal Page Optimization

Deliverables: Final responsive designs & specs | Status: Released | Role: Product Designer



Analytics shows a drop off in completed purchases when a customer reaches the deal page. The task was to optimizing the check-out flow to increase conversion on LivingSocial.

our users

Customers or potential customers who want to complete a purchase on the

my role

I was tasked with driving the design exploration, wireframe, user testing, and worked closely with another designer to finalize the visuals.

Original Checkout flow _both.png


I first took the time to audit all of our deal page flows. From there, I quickly iterated and provided multiple wireframes to put in front of users. This project required numerous rounds of user testing and iterations to redesign the user flow to ensure there was no harm done to our customers' checkout flow. Iterations were based on metrics.

core experience

To simplify the experience and remove friction from our purchase flow the users have (1) a one-click-buy experience, (2) a streamlined check-out flow, 3) clear and straightforward error states experience, to quickly complete their purchase.



Simplified check-out flow 

We were able to cut the checkout flow in half.

Deals with more than three options would pop a modal (see below).


One-click-buy allows a user to select their option and buy it all on one page, simplifying the experience.



Error in checkout flow

Receiving an error after the checkout flow was improved upon to show the user precisely what went wrong. The banner at the top behaves as a drawer and relates to the users direct problem in the process. This improvement resulted in a faster turnaround for users and therefore, more purchases.


Impact & learnings

Although ultimately a better user experience was created, years of optimization taught us that people would jump through any hoops needed (longer check outflow) to acquire a deal. We were able to do right for the customer even if there wasn’t a big lift for the business. 

4% increase from the whole checkout flow from deal page to post-purchase.