LivingSocial Merchant Portal

Deliverables: Final responsive designs & specs | Status: Released | Role: Product Designer



An increase in sale calls, questions, and emails, as well as merchant feedback, told us that perspective merchants weren’t sure what if they could run a deal with us, or how it would benefit them.


Merchant Portal is a redesigned onboarding experience for prospective LivingSocial merchants.  Merchant Portal is an engaging experience for perspective merchants looking to work with LivingSocial. Perspective merchants can learn about the process of working together through a customized experience relative to their business, while current merchants can use it as a market place platform to grow their business.

our users

Potential small or big businesses that are looking for information about working with LivingSocial or existing merchants working with us.

core experience - CUSTIMZATION

Merchant portal provided a customized experience for merchants looking to run a deal. It offers real testimonials for merchants as well as a hub of resources for them.



From the beginning, we were set on creating a better, more pleasing experience for merchants. I worked closely with a content strategist to ensure we were providing the right information to prospective merchants. We made sure to talk to our merchants early and often, to understand what they expected and needed to work with us. I designed and facilitated research and multiple rounds of user-testing, to high fidelity mock-ups and merchant interviews, really wanting a better understanding of what merchants wanted and responded to. When the designs were ready to hand off I worked closely with the developer, spending hours perfecting the experience and visuals until we were happy with the result.