LivingSocial Restaurant Plus Web Experience 

Deliverables: Final responsive designs & specs | Status: Released | Role: Product Designer



Design an experience to eliminate the need for vouchers while still giving customers a deal. 


Due to a significant decline in voucher purchases over the years, this initiative was to design an experience that would eliminate the need for vouchers at participating restaurants. Customers earn cash back at participating restaurants just by linking their credit card. There is a known barrier for customers to commit to downloading an app, could a web experience get them through the door?

our users

Customers or potential customers, who want to receive cash back when dining out.

my role

I was focused on creating a cohesive experience between LivingSocial Restaurants Plus Web Experience and the native application. I worked on simplifying the experience and customizing the educational landing page. From initial designs to user testing, iterations, and high-fidelity prototypes, I worked closely with development, project managers and customers to design the optimal experience. From there, I paired with a visual designer to make the designs (as close to perfect) as possible.



I collaborated with the Marketing department to learn more about the markets and outline the ideal user experience for design of the education page. From early sketching and wires, to user testing and visual collaboration, we were able to generate results and solutions users could easily understand and even relate to personally.



7 participants - Prototype study

Time & date customization

Initial designs had an emphasis on real-time results for that day. It became clear through user testing, that users wanted more customization and flexibility, picking times and dates in the near future.

Clear cash back labeling

Although users appreciated seeing the max cash back, they wanted clear labeling around it.

Where’s our cash back?!

Users asked a lot of questions around where they could find their cash back, saying they expected to see it somewhere on the page at all times.



To create the ideal experience, there was an emphasis on the real-time browsing of restaurants. To reduce friction and maximize customer engagement, easy enrollment, quick and easy sorts, and filters, a simple and efficient experience, and responsive design were the results our users were looking for.


Getting started

Combining the member login and sign up flows into an easy-to-interact with modal helped users quickly select their desired action.


Educational feature

To design a customizable and relevant experience for our users, a location modal upon landing on the page would enable a user to customize their content and experience on the educational page. Although a modal was not ideal, due to development limitations, we were unable to accurately pinpoint where our users were based on the browser default location.


browse feature

To ensure a smooth browsing experience, we placed filter options at the top of the page within sticky navigation so that a user couldn’t miss it. Also, a map and list view page option for users meant browsing for the right restaurant had never been easier.



Within the two weeks of the launch, we had converted 25% of users to the Restaurants plus app experience.