Deliverables: Video & final designs | Status: Senior level design course project | Role: UX Designer



We saw an opportunity and desire for a location-based app that would allow users the ability to see what locations had the largest number of people in real time.


Turnout is a mobile application that makes data useful for users. It allows people to organize, discover, and join activities happening around them in real time. Focus on spontaneity, awareness, and anonymity. Creating a completely anonymous location-based application takes the pressure off users who do not enjoy have to rsvp to events ahead of time.


core experience

Representation of crowds

To create a visual representation of the crowds, we used "heat maps," to show a user their exact location related to the people around them. Spotting large crowds of people is made easy, through real-time feedback that users have on their phone.


Users could see what was happening within the crowds that they were interested in joining. Depending upon a users interests, events that were organized by the total number of check-ins would be present to the user.


For users who may be looking for a specific type of event, there was also the option to use a filter. This filter allowed users to sort by five different categories and enabled them to narrow and specify the feedback received on the screen.

Just for you

Turnout had the ability to hold a lot of information about events going on around you. For that reason, users had the choice to opt into a feature that is specifically "for them" which caters the information they are shown to their history trends. This will be a feature for users who tend to use the application for the same categories of events and activities. This was also to promote people to branch out and introduce them to new experiences.



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